Omega Audio Visual Productions was established in Australia in 1982 by George Messaris. It specialises in the production of documentaries, and advertisements for both radio and television. After his return to his beloved birthplace, Kefallonia, in 2010,  George continued his creative activities. His first work was the documentary “Flowers Of The Sea” – a mainly historical and cultural insight into Kefallonia and Ithaca.

George Messaris was born in Argostoli but his Kefallonian restless spirit took him away from the island in an endless chase of his dreams.


  • After finishing high school he studied for three years at the Piraeus College of Naval Architecture (graduating in 1967).
  • Lower and Proficiency Certificates in English (Michigan University, 1968 and 1970).
  • Diploma in Computer Programming (Hemingway Robertson Institute, Sydney, 1971).
  • Diploma of Computer Systems Analysis (ICS, Sydney, 1973).
  • Economic studies (70% completed, UNISA, 1978-1982).
  • He has successfully attended many seminars and courses organised by the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.
  • He has also gained many training certificates organised by SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) where he worked for many years.

Professional career:
After completing his militaries duties in Greece, George migrated to Sydney, Australia (26th January 1970). He started working for various printed and electronic media within the Greek community, initially on a part-time basis due to his studies. During the first three years he was employed as a journalist and then as an editor of the newspapers New Country, Hellenic Herald, O Kosmos and the magazine Ellinis. For more than 30 years he was also the Sydney correspondent of the Melbourne publications Neos Kosmos and Nea Ellada. He has written over 7,000 articles of opinion, while newspapers and magazines have published countless exclusive news items he has written and interviews he has taken from various personalities.

George Messaris has produced and presented hundreds of radio programs (mainly documentaries) for the Sydney stations 2SER-FM, Symban and 2ΕΑ (State Multicultural Radio Station of Australia).

From 2000 to 2010, he was engaged as producer and presenter of radio programs at SBS (a State Radio and Television Network).

SBS Television started its broadcasts in 1979 with a documentary which was presented by George Messaris (it was about the lives of two migrant friends).

Over the last 40 years he wrote scripts for television programs and for numerous radio and television ads, participating in quite a lot of them. He has also co-ordinated the production of many historical television documentaries.

He has appeared as a guest in many radio and television programs in Australia, USA, Greece and Cyprus.

George Messaris had been a member of AJA (Australian Journalists Association) and Equity (Radio and Television Presenters Association) for more than 40 years.

For many years he had also been editing books in Greek and English.

From 2010 to 2012, he was the European correspondent of the 2MM Radio Network (Sydney).

He still writes articles for the newspapers Neos Kosmos (Melbourne) and O Kosmos (Sydney).

Voluntary work:
1978-1981: Member of the State Multicultural Radio/Television Committee (SEBAC), appointed by the Federal Government of Australia.
1979-1981: Member of the Administrative Committee of Saint Spyridon College, Sydney.
1982-1985: President of Saint Spyridon College, Sydney.
1970-……..: Member of many charitable organisations.

July 2015