“Shadows of yesteryear”

Kefallonia and Ithaca. Two islands struck by hardships as few places have.
Destructive earthquakes, pirates, conquerors, wars with merciless bombings… Sufferings that forged the character of their inhabitants and at the same time left indelible marks on the two islands… Wounds that had been bleeding for years and some have not yet healed.  
Fate has shown no mercy on Kefallonia and Ithaca. The two islands also experienced the effects of emigration. Thousands left, chasing their dream for a better tomorrow far away from their land.
They left their homes in the frenzy of relentless time. Myriads of unfulfilled dreams haunted inside their ruins.
But there were not only houses scattered here and there abandoned to the effects of time. There were wholly destroyed villages which were abandoned, some of them being rebuilt a bit further down. Their ruins remind us today of an era gone by…
 This journey will take us to the abandoned settlements and villages of the two islands. We will be traveling to places that were once vibrant, full of life, but today are just Shadows of Yesteryear…


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