“Flowers Of The Sea”

Kefallonia and Ithaca… In the middle of the Ionian Sea, one opposite the other, the two islands share a common past that goes back thousands of years! Their inhabitants, creative, stubborn, witty, voyagers,adventure lovers, they are settling successfully in the lands of their migration.

These new lands become their “new country” but they never forget the place of their birth. Equipped with an insatiable thirst to “make it”, loaded with a strong will to work hard and gifted with a restless spirit, they succeed in their adapted countries…

Making a time travel… we shall explore the interesting history of Kefallonia and Ithaca, we shall familiarise ourselves with their inhabitants and we shall enjoy the abundant natural beauties of these two Flowers Of The Sea…


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  • “The Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Culture, Mr Evangelos Kekatos, said that “(the documentary) is a really impressive creation which will prove a great asset to our island” and he added that “the distinguished journalist of the diaspora, Mr George Messaris, promotes the cultural side of Kefallonia in a qualitative and sensitive manner. His love and nostos (for the island) was the creative force behind the production of the documentary”…”

    “O Imerissios” (Newspaper)

  • “IN ITS PREMIER IN AUSTRALIA: The documentary about Kefallonia and Ithaca impressed everybody”

    The Voice Of Kefallonians / www.vlahatasamis.gr / www.inkefalonia.gr / www.portoni.gr

  • “I could not have received a better bouquet, today 1st of May, than the “Flowers Of The Sea” – this amazing documentary (about Kefallonia and Ithaca)…”

    Niki Kaltsogia – Tournaviti, professor emeritus of Constitutional Law at the Panteios University

  • “I saw the documentary and, believe me, this could only be created by someone who has been very nostalgic about Kefallonia and has lived, for a long time, away from the island. As I was watching it, I tried to control my emotions. It captivates the viewer and entices him to visit our island…”

    Evangelos Kekatos, Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Culture – Kefallonia

  • “Flowers Of The Sea” – A documentary dedicated to the Hellenes of the diaspora who live the dream of returning to the land of their roots.

    “O Kosmos” (a Sydney newspaper)

  • “Flowers Of The Sea”, a fascinating documentary about Kefallonia and Ithaca.

    www.kefaloniatoday.com (Anastasia Kanaki)

  • “Flowers Of The Sea”: A beautiful documentary about Kefallonia and Ithaca

    www.kefalonianews.gr / www.ionianpress.gr / www.kefaloniapress.gr / www.avecnews.gr